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This is bathory.nu, the only official and authorized BATHORY site on the web. At the top of your screen, you may find a menu that will give you access to the various stations on this site.

will evolve and expand on a regular basis, as we'll add more material to the stations and feature ever more interesting historic facts and inside information. We will also bring you tons of images, some of which have never been published anywhere before.

The steady stations will bring you regular news and updates, information on the saught after official BATHORY merchandise, and give you a full view of the BATHORY discography, plus many other things. Our intention is to make bathory.nu grow and expand further down the road, without ever losing the typical underground feel. And to make it THE site on the web on BATHORY.

Would you like to make a contribution to bathory.nu by sending us anything BATHORY related, this will be immenesely appriciated. Should you have any BATHORY related stories, a top 10 BATHORY tracks or albums list, photo's, drawings, poems, wallpapers or information that you would like to share with all BATHORY Hordes around the world, hesitate not for a moment to contact us to let us know.

News & updates
The News & Updates steady station will be updated every month with information on what's going on in the BATHORY camp. Here you will also find out when a specific station has been updated or a particular page has been altered, corrected and/or expanded.

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The email link is intended for visitors to bathory.nu to use as an option to contribute with stories, images, scanned items or to ask BATHORY or bathory.nu anything.

Please keep in mind that BATHORY can receive up to a hundred emails and letters per week. You may therefore not necessarily be replied in a flash. So please be patient and bare in mind the huge amount of people around the world emailing or writing fan mail to BATHORY. Introduce yourself in general terms, let BATHORY know who's emailing, and get to the point. Anonymous emails are seldom answered.

The images on this site all fall within either one of four categories. The images are either copyrighted by bathory.nu, free domain, published by fanzines/magazines, or sent in by fans.

Some images we know to be copyrighted by a photographer and/or magazine/fanzine. In such a case, a particular image have been enclosed not for commercial use, but to illustrate and fully cover the history of BATHORY. We will try and figure out the source or name of copyright owner best we can down the road. However, should you feel that a certain image belongs to you and would like to either contribute with your name or for the image to be removed, please feel free to drop us a message anytime.

In the case where an image is noted as owned and copyrighted by bathory.nu, we would appriciate it if such an image is denoted as copyrighted by www.bathory.nu when used in another medium/forum.

For the bathory.nu site a few particular fonts have been used. If you are satisfied with the fonts supplied by your browser, you can of course enjoy bathory.nu as you are just as well. However, should you like to see this site the way it was intended, all you need to do is to right click on FONT01 FONT02 FONT03, and save targets in your font file. You may need to reboot.