Whats new in the BATHORY camp

MAY 2004

New layout style for
The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with
More BATHORY covers added to the DISCOGRAPHY chapter.
The BATHORY TRIVIA station is open.
Comments on a bootleg
McFarlane Countess Bathory display figure.

A new layout for is a fact. Hope you'll enjoy it.

The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 8 - WRITING THE DEEDS OF DARKNESS AND EVIL. To achieve a somewhat more cohesive look and enjoyable format, this 8th chapter have been designed with a slightly different layout. Please feel free to let us know what you think about that.

We have been emailed by fans and bands alike, letting us know about some more BATHORY tracks covered by bands around the world. Follow the BATHORY COVERS link in the DISCOGRAPHY chapter to check the most recently added bands and covers.

We have updated the DISCOGRAPHY chapter thanks to amazing fans helping us out with both info and image.

We've also opened the BATHORY TRIVIA station, where some unnecessary but interesting facts will be presented in light form.

We've received quite a few emails regarding the authenticity of a double LP version of HAMMERHEART sold on the net and in underground circuits. This is not an official product, but a poor bootleg produced in Brazil a couple of years back. Nobody should even have to wonder about the authenticity of this crap product, but just in case, here are some tell-tale signs should you stumble over it and begin to ponder about it's authenticity. While on this bootleg the HAMMERHEART title is in black, instead of the originals' blood red title, the BATHORY logo is of extremely poor quality and in the wrong color as well. Furthermore the sound quality is a disgrace to this classic material. And finally... it's a fucking double Lp. Got it?! HAMMERHEART was originally released as a fold-up LP, but not as a double LP.

McFarlane, famous for producing pretty good and exclusive display figures of rock stars, sports heroes and infamous movie monsters etc, will present their McFarlanes' Monster Series - Six Faces of Madness in June 2004. One of the display figures in this Six Faces of Madness series being a sertain Countess Elizabeth Bathory. At, however, we feel McFarlane designed their 6" Countess Elizabeth Bathory figure entirely wrong. They've made her look more like a whore in a 19th century brothel, rather than the nobel 16th century psychopath she was. The same must be said for their 6" Vlad Tepes - The Impaler figure to be released in June as well. They've made him look less like the figure we all know from woodcuts and medieval illustrations, and more like a crossover between a member of West German band Djingis Khan and a Taliban. Prizes for both figures wary from one source to another apparently. We 've been told of a prize around $9.99 within the United States and around $17 for deliveries to Canada. So very likely the prize will land at around $20-25 for overseas orders, just in case you're interested. Should you like to check this 6" Countess Elizabeth Bathory figure out already now, feel free to click these thumbs for a full size image that'll open in a new window.

Countess Bathory McFarlane figure
image 1

Countess Bathory
McFarlane figure
image 3

Countess Bathory McFarlane figure
image 5

Countess Bathory
McFarlane figure
image 4

Countess Bathory
McFarlane figure
image 2
© Images copyright by McFarlane



The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 7.
Some corrections made to earlier chapters.
The WALLPAPER section is open.
The DISCOGRAPHY section is open.
The Official MERCHANDISE section is open.
Links to BATHORY desktop themes.
Comments on a number of BATHORY picture discs'.
BATHORY demo'ing material for the new album.
And on the 16th of March we wished BATHORY a happy 21st birthday!

Sorry for the delay. But after having to tackle with such obstacles as hardware problems, harddrive ordeals and re-installment issues, we are finally able to update the site for March and April. We have also made some small corrections to earlier chapters.

HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 7 - UNDER THE SIGN OF THE BLACK MARK. More chapters in the months to follow.

The WALLPAPER section is open. In it you will find a selection of BATHORY related wallpapers and banners designed by BATHORY fans around the world.

Also open are the DISCOGRAPHY and OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE sections. In these you will find a focus on the complete BATHORY discography and the official BATHORY merchandise.

Olli Markkanen was kind enough to let us know about the BATHORY desktop themes he created. Thanks Olli and a great job well done. Anybody feeling like having a really cool BATHORY related theme on your computer, please feel free to follow these links:

Mainpage: (Olli's Desktop Themes)
Direct link:

A lot of fans have emailed and asked us to comment on some BATHORY picture discs' still available through some mainly Black Metal oriented web sites and record shops around Europe. The picture discs' mentioned are either one of the first three releases, and come in a variety of colors and designs. Common for all of them is that they are all pretty crappy bootlegs manufactured in Austria, Brazil and Holland, and consequently neither one of them were produced or authorized by either BATHORY nor Black Mark. The only picture discs' released officially so far are BLOOD FIRE DEATH, TWILIGHT OF THE GODS and DESTROYER OF WORLDS, and very few copies of these might still be available through the Black Mark web shop at

Early April saw BATHORY beginning to demo some of the material intended for the up and coming new album. Quorthon have repeatedly said he will progress slowly writing and arranging this one. So far 15 titles written for an album already immortalized throughout the world as "Dra Ballen i Gruset Grabbar"...

And on March the 16th BATHORY turned 21. We at of course joined all those who emailed BATHORY on the great day, wishing all the best for the future and good luck recording the new album in the summer.



The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 6.
Some type-o's fixed and corrections made to CHAPTERS 1-4.
Sound samples added to CHAPTER 1.
Regarding links to BATHORY desktop themes and skins.
Comments on one more BATHORY 1983 demo on CD.

The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 6. More chapters in the weeks and months to follow.

A few details in CHAPTER 1 to 4 have been corrected. Some type-o's have been fixed and a few more images have been added as well. In addition, a more cohesive form to the chapter's have been created.

A lot of fans have emailed expressing frustration after having looked elsewhere in vain for some of the Oi-punk titles mentioned in CHAPTER 1. So in order to better give all the visitors to a chance to hear for themselves what the solid base of Oi-punk that early BATHORY was based on might have sounded like, a few sound samples of titles mentioned in the text have been added to CHAPTER 1.

A few people have emailed to let us know where you can find BATHORY desktop themes and BATHORY skins. We'll look into the quality and reliability of those links and be back with more information on that later. More suggestions on desktop themes, skins and wallpapers are welcome.

A couple of fans have emailed to ask about the authenticity of a particular brand new CD sold on the web as a BATHORY 1983 demo. We checked the CD up and it turns out the product is nothing but a rather crude bootleg possibly produced in Brazil. It features the non-album tracks off the three JUBILEUM volumes (as usual). In addition, the sound quality sucks, and the cover artwork is really bad. Nobody should pay $12 to get it. Instead we recommend anybody interested in these tracks particularly, to check the Black Mark web shop out at where all the JUBILEUM volumes are available.

And folks...regarding the rather humorous working title for the next BATHORY album mentioned in the entry for December 2003...when we said we would leave it up to anybody out there to decide for themselves whether or not that was to be regarded as a proper title, we were of course hoping that you would refer to a good Swedish-English dictionary or check with somebody fluent in the Swedish language before making a decision...


The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 5.
Is next BATHORY album to be regarded as album number 12 or 13?
Quorthon commenting on rumor of a BATHORY reunion.

The HISTORY ARCHIVE has been updated with CHAPTER 5- Recording the debut album. The NECRONOMICON/MALEFICARUM SESSION. More chapters in the weeks and months to follow.

Some fans have emailed and asked whether or not the BATHORY album for 2004 really should be regarded as BATHORY's 12th album (as it had been denoted in the NEWS & UPDATES entry for December 2003).

Here's the deal: NORDLAND was originally one and the same project, saga and story. However, due to the immense workload and scope of the NORDLAND material, it would be separated into two entities already during the recording process and released as two separate albums six months apart.

So while it would be correct to denote NORDLAND I and NORDLAND II as BATHORY's 11th and 12th album respectively - and consequently BATHORY's 2004 album as a 13th album - on an emotional level NORDLAND is still regarded by Quorthon as one and the same entity. In the rush, we too went by heart denoting NORDLAND as one entity, and consequently numbered BATHORY's next album as number 12.

It's up to each and every one of you to decide for yourselves whether or not you want to regard NORDLAND I and NORDLAND II as BATHORY's 11th and 12th album respectively, or as BATHORY's 15th and 16th release respectively (that is taking into consideration the hitherto three piece JUBILEUM series and the KATALOG release).

Not trying to confuse you any one bit can consider the 2004 BATHORY album as either the 13th album or 17th release. It all depends on how you count and what you regard to be a proper release or an ordinary album.

Should things be denoted according to catalogue of releases and product number etc, the next BATHORY album would of course be BATHORY's 13th album and/or 17th release. (thanks to - among others - Paul/UK, Wolfie/Austria and Steven/USA for bringing the issue to our attention)

A whole bunch of fans have emailed and asked about the authenticity of a rather surprising rumor that says the original BATHORY line-up - or an early line-up of BATHORY - will reunite in the year 2004 to record an album and perhaps even tour.

We called Quorthon and asked him to comment on this rumor, and this is what he had to say:

- Of all the stupid, interesting, creative, obscene and mind boggling rumors that I've heard in the recent twenty years, this has got to be one of the more absurd ones.

- I don't even have the address or phone number should I even want to reach any of the previous members, hired-guns or BATHORY associates. And with the exception for Jonas, I don't even know the whereabouts of any one previously associated with BATHORY.

- I am of course very flattered to hear that people actually considered the rumor of a BATHORY "reunion"
as a rumor one could very well believe in. Just the fact that people have taken the rumor for real speaks volumes for how much some people are still hoping for a BATHORY tour or something like that. But I am afraid a reunion is out of the question. Period.


Midwinterblot greetings.
A nd more details (!?) on next BATHORY album.

BATHORY would like to take the opportunity to whish all brothers and sisters around the world a Midwinter festivity worth remembering, and a great Midwinterblot on December 21st. Raise a chalice of whatever you prefer to the eternal sky, and join a throughout all worlds resounding Hail !!!

In addition to that, can reveal that the working title for the next BATHORY album apparently is "Dra Ballen i Gruset Grabbar". Whether that will also be its proper title eventually, we leave to anybody to decide for themselves.

It appears though, that album cover artwork and layout ideas have taken shape and all that remains now is for BATHORY's 12th album to actually be recorded. The plan is for BATHORY to enter the studio in early spring.


Second batch of digitally re-mastered vinyl in stock now.

The second batch of digitally re-mastered vinyl - the REQUIEM, OCTAGON, BLOOD ON ICE, JUBILEUM VOLUME I DOUBLE VINYL, JUBILEUM VOLUME II DOUBLE VINYL and JUBILEUM VOLUME III Lp's - is now in stock.

For those of you who got your hands on the first six Lp's, and who would like to have your BATHORY digitally re-mastered vinyl catalogue complete, check the web shop out at or the complete digitally re-master release info at and please feel free to place your order.


All T-shirts and Longsleeves back in stock.

The entire stock on BATHORY T-shirts and Longsleeves continue to sell out on a regular basis. A third batch of T-shirts and Longsleeves on all albums is now back in stock. Check out for more info.


Previously sold out NORDLAND I & II double vinyl now back in stock.

The initial edition of BMLP 666-21 NORDLAND I & II DOUBLE VINYL sold out in a week. But a second edition has been produced and is back in stock at the Black Mark Web Shop. So any vinyl buff out there that didn't get his or her copy back in the summer, should now pay a visit to


More details on the next BATHORY album.

The plans for the next BATHORY album have now resulted in a handful of demos made. More material to be completed during the winter. The idea is for BATHORY to have at least fifteen tracks ready by the time they enter the studio early in 2004.

Album title and tracking list will be announced at a later stage. Though words have it one track is dedicated to none other than Elizabeth Bathory herself.


The web site takes form.

While BATHORY celebrates its 20th anniversary, the very first official BATHORY homepage on the web - - is progressing beyond the planning stage.

During its first couple of weeks or months on line, will be under constant construction and updated continuously in order to complete the story of one of the most influential acts in the history of extreme metal.

The intention is to make the place to go for all BATHORY fans around the world when looking for official news, information and the complete BATHORY history. Eventually we will include such goodies as MP3's, images and a complete list of discography and official merchandise.


BATHORY producing demos for the next album.

The plans for the next BATHORY album begin to take form. Quorthon will write material for the new album during the autumn and winter 2003/2004. The album will be recorded in early 2004. Release date is likely to be the summer of 2004. Any song titles and an album title remains to be announced.

MAY 2003

NORDLAND II released worldwide.

The conclusion of the NORDLAND saga, NORDLAND II, has now been released in all vital territories around the world. The response has been overwhelming and the sales figures for both volumes have exceeded all initial expectations.

APRIL 2003

The re-mastered series continues.

Following the plan for their 20th anniversary celebration, BATHORY have now prepared the second half of classic BATHORY LP’s - i.e. REQUIEM, OCTAGON, BLOOD ON ICE, JUBILEUM VOLUME I, JUBILEUM VOLUME II and JUBILEUM VOLUME III - to be digitally re-mastered and made ready for release in the autumn of 2003.

The cover artwork for each album will be enhanced to tie in with original ideas or to adapt artwork to the Lp format. The first 10.000 copies of each album will be delivered in limited edition crystal clear vinyl.

Just like with the first six digitally re-mastered and re-packaged albums released during the spring 2003, this next batch of digitally re-mastered and re-packaged albums will not only be released as limited edition and regular format vinyl, but all digitally re-mastered and re-packaged albums will successively replace the CD’s in the shops and those available through the Black Mark Web Shop at

MARCH 2003

BATHORY celebrates 20 years on March the 16th.
Plans for limited edition picture discs.

BATHORY celebrates 20 years this month. Fans from all over the world have sent over seven hundred emails and two hundred birthday greetings cards to the BATHORY den, congratulating BATHORY on the great occasion.

There are plans to meet up to an ever-growing request for all BATHORY albums to be officially released as limited edition picture discs. In the past, the only two BATHORY albums that have been officially released as picture discs are BLOOD FIRE DEATH and TWILIGHT OF THE GODS. Should BATHORY picture discs be produced this year, look out for any news on that at during the Winter 2003/2004.



NORDLAND T-shirt and Longsleeves back in stock.

The first batch of NORDLAND T-shirts and longsleeves sold out in no time. A second batch of T-shirt and Longsleeves has now arrived in stock.

Sizes are Medium, Large and X-Large. The high quality shirts are made from 100% black cotton and sports full album cover as front motive. The Longsleeves comes with a BATHORY logo and a NORDLAND logo in silver as sleeve print, and with the hammer and logo in silver on back.



Work on NORDLAND II completed.

As the response to NORDLAND I looks like total victory, the work on NORDLAND II has been completed during the month of January.

The artwork for NORDLAND II is the same as for NORDLAND I, with the exception for silver used as main color, as oppose to the color gold used for the first volume. Consequently the NORDLAND I & NORDLAND II double Lp - to be released in the summer for all vinyl buffs out there - will use bronze as its main color.

Tracking list for NORDLAND II: Fanfare - Blooded Shore - Sea Wolf - Vinland - The Land - Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son - The Messenger - Flash of the Silverhammer - Wheel of Sun.